About Us

Mosquito Shield of the North Shore Massachusetts began operations in the spring of 2014, serving residents of the North Shore and Middlesex County with innovative residential mosquito and tick control programs. Our franchise covers the coastal region between Boston and the New Hampshire border, and extends west to areas including Concord, Groton, Stow, and Shrewsbury.

Mosquito Shield of the North Shore is owned by Massachusetts native John Koss, a husband, father, and owner/operator in the residential mortgage field, who brings over a decade and a half of business experience to the franchise.

John originally discovered the benefits of Mosquito Shield with his family, as satisfied customers, experiencing first-hand the peace of mind that comes with being outdoors in a mosquito-free environment. “The product works and it can literally change your lifestyle in regard to spending time outdoors in your yard.”

Koss now wants to help you enjoy your outdoor living space – mosquito and tick free. Together with his team of licensed technicians, they will assess your needs and develop a treatment program that will work best for you.

About Mosquito Shield
Mosquito Shield has invested over 15 years to develop an innovative barrier spray to control mosquito and tick populations on residential and commercial properties. It’s a three-pronged approach:

1) The spray kills mosquitoes and ticks where they hide;
2) It masks CO2 produced by humans that attracts mosquitoes; and
3) The special formula also repels them away from your property.

The effect of our barrier treatments also increases in strength as the season progresses. So all the way from first bloom in spring, throughout the summer and into fall, you should be able to get the most out of your beautiful North Shore landscape without annoying mosquitoes and ticks.

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